Thursday, December 23, 2010

say cheese.

I think it is time I get a camera. A digital one. Then I could document interesting things in my goings abouts town. Like that one house that has built a platform in their tree in their yard, for what purpose originally, I know not, but the current role it plays is 'perch for large dog.' Well, more recently 'dogs.' Plural. There is something a little unnerving about walking past a six foot wooden fence and having a dog bark at you from above.
Also, I could take photos of this:
How cool is that? I found it whilst google image searching 'lunar eclipse.' I seem to have missed that moment in the sky, a bit of obscurantism on behalf of the cloud cover. Tho, not sure if a lavender winged being in the sky would freak me out more than a domesticated canine hanging out in the arbors.

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