Friday, December 3, 2010

running and writing. but not at the same time.

oh man, it's been a minute. I was thinking that I have been really slacking on this writing business, with the blog and the haikus. . . but then I realized that, oh yeah, I actually have been writing. in fact, I WROTE A BOOK. well, part of one. I did that whole Write a Novel in a Month dealy in November. things I learned: writing a book is hard. especially when you are preparing to open a show in the same month. and I didn't really finish it, the requirements yes, but not the story itself. it's basically like a rough draft partial novel cuz I never got to the main plot point of the book where the main character runs a marathon.
Speaking of, I am quite thankful, now, that I did not sign up to run the Seattle Halvies Marathon. no doubt that I could have completed it no problem, but the fact that on the friday right before the marathon, the friday right after opening night, I felt like I had just run some weird holiday marathon I was so exhausted, makes me really glad I did not in fact run the official one. that and a friend said it was kind of a depressing marathon in that it is generally cold out, a factor that is held responsible for there being zero people out to cheer you on save for the random biker that is not inconvenienced one bit by the street closures while making her way to the ballard farmer's market ie me. that and there is no big party at the end so it's a little anticlimactic. oh, and there's the issue of hills in that there are lots of them. somehow they engineered the route to defy the laws of physics and be entirely uphill. no thanks.
I am, however, planning on running the half marathon on whidbey in april of 2011. now that I write that, I should really think about what training is going to look like. . . I do know that it will not include writing a 50,000+ word work of literary genius. at least, as far as I can predict.

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