Tuesday, December 21, 2010

(baby seal is still my one true love)

last night I watched part of the eclipse, veiled at times by a thin curtain of clouds. at one point, two parallel, transparent shadows crossed over the moon, sweeping from right to left, like a analog glitch in a video. hmmm. I looked at my fellow moon gazer. that was weird. yeah, she agreed. oh good, you saw that too. we hypothesized what the strange trick of light could have been then settled on weird. it was weird. with little/any greater significance? not sure. tho the fact that it was a lunar eclipse on a full moon on the winter equinox while mercury is in retrograde makes me think that maybe, yes, there are some astrological shifts occurring that have perhaps more than subtle influences.

one of which is not being able to sleep. tho that could be blamed on my evening visitor. it's like the universe when all manic last night and decided to clean the whole house from top to bottom and get back to all those emails and letters that have been sitting around. like the one I sent that said something to the effect of 'I think I would like a cat, but I kinda want one to just show up on my doorstep.' a request that i figured would go by the wayside because my door is inside on the second floor. but, low and behold, ye olde universe is a clever monkey. on my way into the house from parking my bike, an apartment neighbor who had just pulled up in her car, stopped and asked if I had gotten a new cat. there was one in the hallway upstairs and she couldn't figure out who it belonged to. hmm. well, well, sure enough I went inside and there was a gentle feline tabby to greet me at the top of the stairs. fun! we hung out for most of the night, there was a bunch of hubbub with the other neighbors as we set out some food and a litter box in the hall. I left my door ajar and he had the run of the place. it was all mellow fun and board games until my later than usual bed time when I retired to my loft bed and mr feline eclipse decided to get really meowy. ilvs #1: poor cat! he must be freaked out and missing his home! ilvs #2: if one of my house mates doesn't kick him out in the next five minutes, I will! I ended up just closing my door and putting in earplugs. ilvs #1: dear universe, I feel kinda bad about it. ilvs #2: dear universe, I don't think I am quite ready for a cat.

and when I awoke, bleary eyed and kinda crabby from like 6 hours of sleep, little house guest was nowhere to be found. darn. I do kinda still want a cat. and he was pretty cute. did I just let this little furry gift from the universe just slip past? maybe he'll reappear and maybe, unlike the full moon solstice lunar eclipse, I won't have to wait another 1600 years or so for it to happen again.

(speaking of strange lights in the sky, google, if you will, 'norway blue light 2009.' i found the link to this while google perusing images of extreme bodybuilders – um, i have a fascination with them, their grotesque ridiculousness, the absurdity of the human body pushed to the unnecessary limit. but back to the blue lights, or 'misfired russian rocket' as it is purported to be, it is beautiful. and if rockets actually did that, i say 'fire away.')

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