Sunday, September 26, 2010

my two newest coworkers, I love.

tired of running the petite, bagless red vacuum cleaner over the same spot over and over to pick up a fraction of a dry leaf off the ikea carpet, I decided to try out one of the other vacuum cleaners hiding in the back closet. I went for the Hoover Decade80 (imagine 'Decade 80' in cool Atari font), a sharkish grey model with a sinewy blue dust bag hanging like a relaxed muscle and a long white cord reminiscent of epic walk around the house while you talk land line phone cables. now add like 30 pounds to that image and you will get my new, leaf and dust eating best friend. so long late 90's/early '00 technology, oh hello and welcome back 1980. same year my watch (a Casio calculator watch) was preset to when I pulled it out of it's shiny package. same year my other new best friend first blessed this world with his presence.

after answering all the questions that came of showing one of the renter's sound guy the equipment room (at my other job), he, new bff#2, did the unthinkable. a quick debriefing on his school status led to an unsolicited offer of free labor. not just any old volunteer, mind you, a skilled, head screwed on tight, person of quality and good humor indentured servant. egads! the universe has cracked a smile in my direction it has seemed. my jobs just got that much cooler. and easier.

hmmm. . . had my parents had the foresight to see my thoughts now in this moment and waited just one year, I would be tempted to announce to the world my new theory on how everything cool and hard working, yes including me, came into existence that year. as it were, I am forced to re-hypothesize: there was some pretty cool shit that came out of the year 1979, but it didn't end just there. in fact, there was soooo much cool shit, that 1979 couldn't even contain it all and it spilled right on into 1980. and get this 1980, bigger and better than the previous years, still wasn't enough to house all the coolness that just kept coming, building up more coolness like the past is a snowball heading down the endless time mountain of fresh snow (er, or whatever conditions are ideal for an avalanche), so it spilled into the 90's, the late 90's/early 00's and maybe because it's happening right now all the time, that we don't realize it, our backs to the wall of the coolness tsunami, but cool stuff keeps happening. and I'm only now realizing it? where oh where have I been? trapped in the land of not acknowledging awesomeness, that's for sure. so for my new besties, a hearty helping of thanks in the form of ban mi for one, dust bunnies for the other. it's the least I can do.

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