Tuesday, September 21, 2010

I have met my match

kinda. lucky for me he is like 61 and lives in Japan, so even if our paths did ever cross, I could surely out run him.
man in question is a self proclaimed HAIGA master. a haiga, for those not in the know, like me a few days ago, is basically a haiku + image. tho now that I am checking, Wiki seems to have a lot more to say on the topic. regardless, how cool is that! I love haikus, I love drawing. it seems I have found my life calling - to populate the world with non-cheesy short poems supported by equally non cheesy images. I have yet to do one, but I feel it looming in the distance.
and while I am on the topic, I think I might be caught in a lie. not a vicious one, but a subjective one. while researching haiku contests (I have a competitive streak), I discovered another form of Japanese poetry that is frighteningly similar to the HAIKU. it is called the . . .SENRYU. defined as: a poem, structurally similar to haiku, that highlights the foibles of human nature, usually in a humorous or satiric way. what? who knew? the Japanese, apparently. Something else I read online referred to SENRYUs as 'haikus with attitude.' I will leave that statement be for now.
but who is to say if a 5-7-5er qualifies as HAIKU or SENRYU? do I have to give up my HAIKU project over a formality? maybe. what I do know is that I have some more research to do. in the meanwhile, you should check out the first 100 "HAIKUs" I have on my other bloggy blog.
until next time, xo.

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