Sunday, November 29, 2009

where no man woman or child, friend, family or lover has gone before. . .

This here is a photo of Counselor Diana Troy of Star Trek, The Next Generation. There is nothing remarkable with it beyond it's inherent awesomeness. Except when you take into consideration that it looks just like my new therapist, minus the hoop earrings plus sweet v neck onesie. I kid you only the slightest bit. The universe has conspired with the galaxies to bring me this fine gift of emotional mentorship in the form of a lovely grad student made in the image of my fantasy childhood counselor. To you, modern day Earth bound Diana Troy, I open my heart and mind. . . it all began back in StarDate 3.2435.18937, I was playing in the yard with my sister, when my mother called us in to . . .


  1. Hey Ilvs! Umm...I'm sure you could guess who this is by the name. Hehe. Ahem, when I was in Chicago and bored on Ina's computer, I noticed this in her faves. Plus, it's on the back of the awesome birthday present you gave me. ANYWAY, I wanted to let you know that I made a blog on this site thingy. link: could just click my name I guess. Remember this also: this is on the same DL as me watching South Park. :/ Ok, Bye!!

  2. In the midst of my rambling I forgot to tell you how talented you are at writing!! You are very talented :) Ok, I leave now.