Sunday, November 15, 2009

strangers amongst us. well, stranger. there was only one, actually.

a couple of years ago, I picked up my roommate at the time's copy of The Stranger, by Senor Camus, read it, and as soon as I finished the last page, returned to the first page to start it again. I do believe that is the only book I have ever done that with. apparently, I liked it. (incidentally, it is not my most favorite book. both Life of Pi and Watership Down are well above, yet I have yet to revisit either fully. once I chose Watership Down as my at work book, I love it, had been talking it up to roommate to date, wanted to relive the lapine adventure. well, turns out I love it a little too much. After a mere handful of chapters, I forced myself to put it down and pick up something less engaging after missing a cue ('sound, go.' warren this, warren that. 'SOUND?! GO.' 'oops, sorry.') for the first - and last - time that particular show. this concludes my tangent.) I didn't like it enough to write a song about it. no, scratch that. I didn't like it enough to finish a song about it, remember it past a few months, teach it to my band mates, get radio play, and be super cool to boot. owner of said copy of The Stranger roommate informed me that The Cure had beaten me to it. it's called 'Killing an Arab.' oh. alright then. well, at least I'm in good company.
but all this is basically just a lead in to talking about THE STRANGER that we, seattle, are more familiar with. our beloved always weekly, sometimes snarky, name rhymes with danger, artsy hip rag. and why do I chose to bring this up? BECAUSE I'M IN IT! HA! I got a serendipitous review in the Party Crasher column. they called me an 'artistic love child,' to take their words totally out of context. you can read the whole thing at

or just find pick up a hard copy and flip to page 65. there you will see a photo of two persons I know and a clever title that refers specifically to yours truly, me. yesterday, a friend of mine commented on the article, wondering who it was. 'it' being Party Crasher, 'Party Crasher' being random stranger coming to your party taking photos, taking notes. all I gots to say is that, it is really nice being friends with peeps who eventually end up working for local media. in other words, big warm shout out to my non-stranger stranger. muchas gracias, jv.

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