Thursday, November 5, 2009

trying to awaken my computer's compassion

I just spent like a good few hours (some last night before going to bed, some this AM soon after waking) trying to download the ebook, Awakening Compassion, by Pema Chodron from the seattle public library so I can listen to gentle posi affirmations whilst I clean/wait for the bus. I am looking at a 50% success rate right now. the other book, also by aforementioned American Budhist nun - which, on a slightly unrelated note, did you know that Michael Flatley, AKA Mr. Lord of the Dance, is American? I thought that was pretty funny. anyways. - would not download because the program that the library required me to downloaded in order to download the library book wouldn't support the format of the file even tho the other book that I successfully downloaded is formatted the exact same way. also, the 'wizard' living in the downloaded program couldn't find my ipod (this is all I've ever really wanted to use this ipod for, books on e)(er, ebooks) even tho the icon was right there staring at me from the desktop - I had to go the round about way and, using geode's smarts, find it thru itunes. I have yet to even crack the virtual spine of this book and already things are awakening, tho I think at the moment frustration is beating out compassion.

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