Friday, April 24, 2009

mexican breakfast, part 1

i am a bit of a foodie (or gastronome, if you prefer. i do not). 
i have a grave appreciation for many meals (mexican fare, mediterranean, raw honey). and a dire aversion to others (red meats, cheeses, hot chocolate*). 
mexicany food being top favorite, i ended up with a few leftovers from my birthday dinner (hello 30's, nice to meet you). which means i will be eating beans and rice and tortillas for B/L/D (breakfast lunch dinner) for the next week. this is awesome news to me. cuz really, aside from cereal (more on that in a later blog), my stomach usually defaults to asking for a burrito of some kind or other.
i'm on some sort of half assed quest to find a good mexican food joint near by where i live. or at the very least, somewhere convenient. and cheap. i do like Bimbo's. cept it feels really weird to me being in a mexican restaurant and being the only person who is even remotely hispanic. i mean, i like the food there (sunflower seeds? yum!) and the decor, and it's hip and cool, but for a mexican place, it's not very mexicano. jesus, even the dishwasher is white.  you have to be really trying to make that happen. 
so my next venture will not be the old kfc turned burrito place by cal anderson, cuz that place is haunted by greasy chicken parts, but what once was jalisco's but now is called el farol off 15th. i am looking forward to it. i can even maybe turn a blind olifactory sense to the heavy tortilla chip smell that is sure to permeate my entire wardrobe/being. anything to hear that not from here accent (so familiar that sometimes i cant hear it), listen to the tejano music coming from the kitchen, interact with people whose hair is naturally that black who stare at me and wonder why this girl would chose to have such short hair when everybody knows that the men like women with long hair and why do you scar your body with those tattoos? uh, i just wanted some beans and rice. . . 

*for reals. i don't like hot chocolate. chocolate soy milk, yes. chocolate bars, awesome. mochas when i was a coffee drinker, hell yeah. but hot cocoa? pass. i got better things to do. 

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