Sunday, April 5, 2009

3 cheers to long ago advances in western medicinal technology

speaking of allergies, wtf. my world is collapsing in on itself - a direct result of the vicious battle (my body vs pollen) that has been waging for the last few days that reached a fever pitch this afternoon. jehus h christ i almost sneezed out a kidney.  
i was in new york last week and was telling my friend, yeah, i didn't have any allergy problems there, it was amazing. to which she deftly pointed out, that's cuz there are no trees in new york city. point taken. here on the west coast, things be different.  a day or two of rain followed by bright sunshine kicked everything and its amebic version of a mother into motion.  for those of you blessed with bodies who dont decide one day that (insert innocuous species) is now your mortal enemy, consider yourselves lucky.  allergies are dreadful. you know that feeling like you are about to sneeze? take that, multiply by always, add what amounts to a heinous, watery sinus rash, put a bucket (or giant zip lock baggie) over your head and walk around, that is pretty close to what it feels like. oh, and get no sleep the night before. i'm staring at the beautiful blooming trees that surround my house, my feather comforter, the adorable BABYSEAL asleep atop it, and my vision is intercepted by a circle big enough to encompass object of my gaze in a thick red halo with a giant diagonal line across it. get. away. from. my. face. 
today, i finally, after a whole day's worth of violently sneezing, finally, after years of suffering in all my life of residing in the pacific northwest come spring time, finally, broke down at 8pm and walked to the drug store to find some quick (as in not 3-4 months worth of preventative acupuncture) relief. i bot two kinds. on sale. 
. . . ok, i was gonna go on to talk about how, on principal, i generally tend to use nonwestern medicinal fix its. (uh, can you believe both my parents are nurses? and no, it's not some rebellious act. that would be taking things too far/silly). and how i would rather have puffy red eyes sitting pretty above a nose that never stops water making than take over the counter meds. but that today was exception and maybe there is something to the OTC, as long as you don't abuse it. but right now it feels like my fingers are disconnecting from my hands i took the super allergy kind that didn't say *non drowsy*. must not operate heavy machinery.  i will sleep well tonight, there is no question about that .  i , have ,.nothing else. my eyelids weight a thousand pounds. there is an invisible axis that goes straight out from my solar plexus that my chair is slowly spinning on, the computer spins opposite. let us hope i wake up on time in the am. good bye cruel world.

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  1. Chemically induced sleep is a seductive beast...
    Hey! You should make your next blog topic the date of your birth! Yeah yeah!