Sunday, April 19, 2009 Belltown!

too bad the phrase 'drug ring busted' has to be inserted in there for it to make the cover of the Sunday Seattle Times. oh, my mother's people, why are you painted in such bad light? at first glance, my heart beat quickened with excitement to see in larger than 12point times new roman font the country of half my origin right there on the cover of seattle's only remaining corporate newspaper right next to some hypey commentary on nickels political future. but then i calmed myself down long enough to read the whole headline. boo. way to take the flappity flap out of my stand proud flag waving session.
i read the whole article on line just a minute ago. well, illegal nature of activities aside, i can state with some amount of bittersweet pride that Hondurans are well organized. and stick together. they really had their shit down. their only weakness, as it turned out, was letting their guard down, thinking that 'the man' had no idea. come on gente, were we absente the first dia of clase? what is the primero cosa that they teach you? never trust el gringo. that and you are always suspect. even si tienes nada pero good intentions, you are being watched, hombre.

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