Sunday, April 12, 2009

3 more cheers for advances in medicinal technology

while ibuprofren isn't exactly a cutting edge laboratory discovery, it is a note worthy standby. again, i would rather focus my efforts and attention on prophylactics, trying to prevent the need for tablets from ever coming up. but things happen. like aforementioned allergies. and simultaneously falling off of and onto your bike whilst attempting a track stand on a sloped cobblestone road.
and yes, i do agree with my fellow human being who happened to be crossing on the same pike street i was getting a close and personal look at, that you should not drink and bike. but i do believe, kind sir, that you have mistaken my temporary combination of bravado and unbalance for common evening inebriation. fine line, i know.
for those of you who do not enjoy the feel of self propelled wind thru the loose hairs that stick out thru your bike helmet, allow me to describe in brief detail one of the very few drawbacks of this lifestyle choice. falling off/on top of your bike feels like getting hit with a steel pipe. oh, wait, that's because that is exactly what it is.
so here i am, several bruises, a swollen ankle and two bus rides later feeling antsy from lack of forward movement and slowly, slowly, working on getting over my difficulty of swallowing pills, two by two. that is, until i read the small print on the label of said generic drug instructing me, person affected by any myriad of symptoms, to take one every 4 to 6 hours as said symptoms persist. well alright then, one by one it is.

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