Tuesday, November 16, 2010

this place rules

i spend a significant amount of time (ok well, not compared to the time spent at my apartment, but compared to the time i spend not at my apartment but at places that would be considered business establishments of the light food service as in bakery/coffee/tea shop variety and require me to purchase things like snacks in order for me to not feel bad about using their wifi, this not being one of the small handful of locations being endangered of falling off my list due to my recent acquesision of internet at my homestead) at the flying apron. i might be considered a regular. i know the names of at least 2 staff persons. i would recognize most of the rest of them in a crowd in a different context (not an easy feat) save the person in the photo who i swear i've never seen before in my life. i'm finding that my degree of comfort with being here has a certain drawback. i'm having to curb the urge to rescue uneaten portions of baked goods from the top of the oh so easy to access bus tub that sits by the water pitcher counter. come on people, these items are baked with love! finish your plates! or at the very least, take it home to compost in your yard. worms and birds practically live off love.

that's all i got today. stay tuned for my massive widespread announcement of the holiday show i am working on.

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