Tuesday, November 2, 2010

St. Zuckerberg

ze chocolate in my belly goes zing a ling! spilling thru my blood stream! . . .

I picked up a recent New Yorker while sitting in the revamped waiting room of my therapist and started reading an article on that Zuckerberg Facebook guy and was kinda annoyed that I paid a bunch of money to some guy to interrupt me, just when it was getting to the good part, to step into the next room and talk about my feelings. It got me thinking again about how this guy is some kind of futuristic sly new age genius. Allow to explain. One of the reasons I don't do Facebook is that I already spend enough time in front of a computer, I don't need any more reasons to tappity tap my mac. Ok, another reason is to preemptively avoid any twangs of owie while checking someone's Status post break up (friend, romantic or otherwise). An admittedly weak reason. Also, I figure, if something is that cool or important, then I will get the word one way or another. But my point, I'm getting to it, slowly. Basically Facebook is set up as a social network. Fairly blatant statement. The physiological what that looks like is all us people sitting in a chair (I'm generalizing), with focused attention, thinking about our friends, for periods of a time throughout our day, ie connecting. If you take away the computer but keep the rest, the posture, the intention, you basically have the framework for massive collective meditation. Think of the potential! Think of the future! Think of the good that could come of it! Well, except for obsessing over that whole 'why did you unfacebook me?' part. I think it is safe to say we still need a little work before we can get to that point. But in the mean time, we are, whether we agree to it or not, being slowly groomed to become peaceful, powerful meditating machines. If I was more familiar with Facebook lingo I would attempt to make some Ohm/Facebook joke. But until then, namaste.

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