Thursday, July 1, 2010

oh, what have I signed up for.

my sister signed up for a marathon. she preceded this news with a 'I just did something crazy.' I braced myself for the news and tried not to imagine her atop some high precipice with an elastic cable strapped to her body. (yes, bungee=crazy). I sighed at the thought of running many miles and wished her luck. before my brain could even thought bubble the words 'yeah, no thanks,' she asked me to be her running buddy. dead in my tracks I stopped. uh, I will think about it, was my reply.
and I did. but my past peripheral experience with marathons has left me with the pretty sound opinion that that is really not for me. a 5k thru the woods with 5 friends is a good time. 41.85(ish)k on concrete with a ton of sweat wicking tank tops and mesh lined shorts wearing strangers? not so much for this one. I will be supporting my sis in other ways, monetarily, nutritionally, cheerleaderily.
but, in the spirit of things done in excess. I have signed myself up for my own sort of crazy. a literary feat of endurance in the form of WRITING 575 HAIKUS. (why 575? cuz that's the 3 line syllabic formula for a haiku.) I got started/inspired in April, Month of Poetry, and cranked out over 50 of them. so why not just write 525 more? and so I shall. originally, I was giving myself till October, which is when the marathon is. but I have not been able to sustain the pace of writing that I started at, so I'm giving myself one year from this past April. and to monitor my progress, I have started another blog:
five seven five was taken. and I didn't, until just now, think of using numbers instead of spelling it out, but no matter. it has begun. and ok, so far, as of this posting, there are only 5 haikus listed, but I'm just getting warmed up. many more to come. . . I just spent a few solid minutes debating on turning that last sentence into a haiku but thought better of it. . .
if you want to support me in this endeavour, check out my haikus and comment should you feel moved.
and if you want to support my sis, check out her link:


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  2. (improper punctuation made the previous post very silly.) what i meant to say was that you are a haiku genius and i can't wait to read them!