Saturday, July 3, 2010

I is hung over.

kinda. I was lying in bed this am trying to figure out why I was so groggy and why my head hurt. ah yes, I vividly recall drinking half a glass of red wine with my cousin Carol while choppiong veggies dinner last night. oh Idaho, you're really bringing out the wild in me.
I'm sitting in the living room with my great aunt and great uncle. uncle Ralph is talking about hooking up the trailer to the pickup. I can hear his belly gurgling from across the room. he's on his way to 90 (a capricorn! I love capricorns!). aunt Phyllis is absentmindedly sushing her little dog, looking away at times from the tv at the door to the upstairs where her grandkids are audibly up and getting ready.
there are giant mirrors all over the house, hung at a precarious forward tilt. one dangles directly above the computer. what's up with that? I thought when I first got in. but now I get it, they see better than they hear. from this chair I can see the road outside, the tv to my left, the door the the upstairs, the tomatoes in the kitchen window sill with a view to Carol and Randy's house. the clouds are lazy in the sky. the microwave is in high gear. aunt Phyllis is offering chocolate soy milk to the kids. the black kitten has chased some birds up the tree in front. cousin Randy is drinking tea, talking about weedwacking.
my tea is all out, and my attention is being drawn back to the three pacing dogs, the tv on mute, my aunt retelling a story from yesterday, the smell of microwaved bacon. time for some folgers.

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