Sunday, July 18, 2010

Happy Belated Bastille Day to you, er, vous.

at work the other day, wednesday the 14th of july to be exact, I was a little careless in wiping the dust off the sill and toppled over one of the 5 small Buddah figurines. it landed on the counter with little to do. well, almost, I realized as I picked up the now headless little Buddah body. I studied the clean break to figure out my next move and to contemplate how much, if any at all, negative karmic value this accident had versus what I wanted to do: place the Buddah and it's little severed head on the registration table with a post it note exclaiming 'Happy Bastille Day!' My boss humored me for a minute but her laughter ended with a decisive veto. sigh. I guess bloody French revolutions and pranayama are not the most compatible. somebody point me to the super glue.

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