Saturday, September 12, 2009

i have apple care but no health insurance.

THE OTHER DA - why am i yelling. the other day i was describing to my dear friend marisa just what exactly was going on in my mouth. specifically the back upper left molar who is known in dental circles as 'Number 15.'
To adequately convey the scenario, something words alone could not define, i chose to flex my humongous 'i should be grandfathered a masters in fine art with an emphasis in life drawings' muscles and, brandishing my tools of the trade, a black sharpie and scrap piece of paper, i executed with aplomb - or with as much grace and giddiness that my sleep deprived overworked brain/body/self could muster- a piece of work that so clearly represents previously mentioned situation that i might as well tell people i am the reincarnation of leonardo di vinci but with xray vision cuz that is the only conclusion they will be able to draw once their stunned brains compute the mastery of such an image.
the 45 minutes i spent downloading scanner software earlier this morning was totally worth it. funny thing is, i did finally get in to see a dentist (not an easy feat for those with zero health care coverage. unless you are cool with dealing with problems by full extraction of said problem from your perdy mouth. . . i digress.) and the xray they took looked pretty much exactly like my drawing. cept instead of a white space circled by dotted lines, there was darkness.
according to wikipedia, root canals are painless. WHEN DONE CORRECTLY. i will, whether i like it or not, be the sole judge sitting on that lovely panel.

and lest my hygienic reputation be tarnished in any way shape or form, let me set the record straight with the following FACT: yes, i floss religiously.
wish me luck!

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