Thursday, March 26, 2009


BABYSEAL has returned! unscathed, hungry and dandery as ever.  little lost kitten is neither little nor lost no more.  tho the little part and the kitten parts have long since gone out of fashion.

ok, she actually came back like a week ago. sorry to keep all you in suspense. why the delay in announcing such momentous mews- i mean news? well i have not one, but two excuses cooked up for you. ready? here we go:

1. i was ill. i was in bed for a few days, basically adopting the covetous daily routine of my beloved by proxy felines: lay in bed, get up to snack, lay in bed. the only glaring difference in my days and the cats' days was that my routine was punctuated by laborious descension/ascension of stairs to bathroom to properly respond to all the liquids i had been downing. the cats, they do not deviate from the invisible path that marks the beeline from the bed to the snack bowl. prostrate field research leads me to conclude that domestic felines retain their water well. quite well.  further investigation into the matter is neither interesting to me nor called for.

2. i am in new york now and have been here since sunday. i got busy with prepping and getting all my proverbial ducks to fit in one carry on and one personal item. now i am here, sans personal computer. equipped with nothing more than my notebook and a metro card.  this time it is i who is feeling a little lost. . . 

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  1. welcome back, baby seal!
    welcome to new york, ilvs!