Saturday, February 11, 2012

Snow! Dogs! Ingenuity!

I just woke up from the most amazing nap wherein I had the most mundanely surreal dreams about napping. And waking up from napping. At least the subject matter did not detract from the rich quality of sleep gotten and the subsequent out of it-ness I currently feel that is indicator of said nap quality.

Par for the course, really, the ordinary nighty-night life. Whenever I encounter a person who claims to have garnered some divine pinpoint of inspiration directly from a sleeping dream I cannot help but shroud myself in my shawl of disbelief (serape of disbelief? or wait - what are those thickly woven things that look like the softest of mobius strips that people wear around their necks these days? anyways.) and shiver with the slightest bit of envy. My dreams are so mundane (read: if they (Arch Angels of the Universe) are trying to tell (Bestow Upon) me something (Divine Inspiration), I for sure would appreciate it if it weren't so, I don't know, intricately cryptic (Symbolic))! That or dream people are trying to kill me. Either way, where for me are these revelational dreams that these well rested people speak of so highly? This elusive guiding light eludes me in my moonlit, ok slightly on the uncomfortable side organic cotton futon.

And so I turn to snowy nature. Not the Snow-pocalypse of last month, I was in Chicago-pocalypse at the time. I am referring to none other than my two weekend ago adventure to Snoqu-apocalyps-mie Pass. Specifically, an underpass at Snoqualmie Pass. To embark on a few hour snow shoe adventure. An afternoon trek that I have no photographic evidence of. Only fond memories, passing soreness, and a soon to be revealed brilliant scheme. But first, because nothing goes together with narrative writing than a swell image, a photo pulled directly off the internet:

I chose this one because it best refers back to the run-of-the-mill theme of the day. Two other images that did not make the cut but just barely were A) a grouping of old school snow shoes stuck person-less into a snow bank such that it kinda resembled DIY grave stones (ominous!), and B) a grouping of person joyfully engaging in the new to me sport of snow shoe racing. Wait - snow shoe racing? It kinda sounds maybe really appealing. And also maybe only if I was being chased by dogs.

Speaking of dogs: my irradiant idea! It came to me as I was witness to/body checked by our group's 2 canine companion's running abouts and chasing after one anothers. Here it is: 

Dogs for rent at trail heads.

Think about it. Fun loving creatures to bound along side you and provide that extra boost of energy up that steep incline! Cute domestic animal meets the great wild entertainment! An extra hyper extra safety precaution for those who trek alone! Someone to talk about/to when you tire of your chosen human companion! No dealing with wet dog travel logistics! Perfect for cat people who like the benefits of a dog sidekick but don't want to put in the work of ownership! And the operation would double as a dog sleep over place when you are away on vacation! Everyone wins!

Now to find someone to put this enterprise into orbit. . . 

Oh, before I do, though, one last image that didn't make the cut:

Let's see, yes, well, excellent advice. Unless maybe you are snow shoeing for the first time ever in your life, adult or otherwise, then, maybe not so much. Unless. . . you have Rent-A-Trail-Dog! You and your rental canine could chose the path so less taken that no one has yet to take it and shuffle your way (or run, if you are in the know of the snow shoe racing) till your heart's content, safe with the knowledge that you are not alone. And that if you did get lost, you can just follow the yellow snow all the way back to the parking lot.

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