Monday, January 30, 2012

Beaches 11

after a long arduous day at work, after finally making it home, after finally heating up my warm breakfast cereal for dinner dinner, I finally sat myself down at my laptop computer/the-future-is-now entertainment station with one goal in mind: to achieve maximum relaxation/minimum brainwave action via hoo-loo streaming videos. in lieu of my usual 'I'll just watch trailers of movie's I'll never see,' I went straight for the kill. and was denied twice the movies of my choice (indiana jones and the last crusade and The 10 Commandments - tho, now that I think of it, me not finding it might have less to do with the fact that the cine-web can't be bothered by a 3.65 hour epic biblical tale from 1956 and more to do with the fact that I actually searched for a non-existent movie entitled The 12 Commandments. Sisters Colleen, Christine, Beverly and Maria are all, with the help of Jesus, spiritually knuckle rapping me from a distance.) but I did luck out on my third choice, drumroll please. . . . Beaches. 
yes, Beaches. Bette Midler and Blossom as Bette Midler's character in her wiley youth, across from Barbara 'your name makes me want chocolate' Hershey and some generic brown haired youngin who's name name I don't recall/never knew because she didn't go on to star in her own TV show. (but, wait, ilvs, you can't remember the girl who played Blossom, either. -what do you mean 'played Blossom'? -the  actress who played Blossom. -again, phrasing I do not comprehend. -actress. has name. - yes. Blossom. is Blossom.). . .  it has been a while since I saw that film, probably since my best friend was a horse loving straight A catholic school girl named Molly. I was in the mood for some tear inducing, ovary warming eighties nostalgia. a, ahem, girl's night sunday night slumber party for one, if you will. and I did. 
well, that is, until the interweblord deemed my shared with 8 other people wifi connection 'too slow' and black screen froze up on me and hour and 22 minute into it. I hadn't even gotten to the part where she gets bed riddenly sick! talk about a buzz kill. but then, just as I had opened up this blog site in order to write a scathing rant, the universe interceded and there came a knock at my door. enter in my best friend/neighbor, stopping in to say hello and hey why have you been acting so weird lately I'm worried about our friendship what gives. and the scene that followed was like it was pulled from the future, right out of the brain of the screenwriter of some targeted-at-women movie maybe it will be called Beaches 11. Tho, that title makes me think it might also have like a diamond heist involved in it. regardless, feelings were shared, tears were shed, mutual understanding was come to. which is good, cuz, well, I'm still waiting for the rest of the movie to buffer. 
it should be noted, that while our little heart to heart was happening, I was dressed in half my pyjamas + half my street clothes + stripey blanket of peruvian influence = slow moving emo ninja in a blanket, and BFF was fresh from a performance so had on full drag make up and a wig and platform shoes (her american flag unitard hidden under her fur collared bright blue over coat). and while we sat on the edge of my futon, my feline BFF, BABY SEAL, was loving the crap out of the moment soooooo much she decided to say so by attempting to lick the freckles off my hand/the buttons off my calculator watch. never has so much love occurred in such a moment in time under the exact same circumstances. I feel blessed to have been such a part of such best best friend estrogen trifecta. thank you Bette, Chocolate Lady, for paving the way. my uterus is positively aglow. 

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