Wednesday, November 9, 2011

please. don't hurt yourself on my rapier-like wit.

what have I been up to?
well, I'm glad you asked.
I have been:

1a. listening to opera CD's chosen randomly/based on the cover from the CapHill library's fine selection.
1b. not liking the opera I'm listening to.
1c. being wowed by some opera singers' incredible talent of singing notes higher than the piano.
1d. still not liking opera on a whole.
1e. being ok with not liking the opera/considering reclassifying the library's selection from 'fine' to 'totally not my cup of tea.'

2a. committing to memory the following: ABCDEFG. this seemingly basic activity is requiring my attention 5 days a week from 8am to 850am, and still it is hard.
2b. but it is good.
2c. and inspiring me to:

3a. really get crackin on my music career starting with bringing into reality the newest of new ideas for a conceptual band. ready? it's gonna be called HUMAN CLAW. it would require me to move to easternish washingtion and learn to love/play/shred death metal. and find a small handful of other folks to join me. preferably those of british cockney descent because nothing is funnier than a play on words that gets cancelled out aurally, and thereby doubled in hilarity, all due to a thick accent that is inherently funny due to its borderline incomprehensibility to begin with.
3b. or I'll just sell my idea on ebay.


in other news. . . my neighbor, Basketball, is slowly destroying/devouring the pair of orange swimming goggles that I put in the hallway's unofficial designated freebox area, starting with the black head strap. apparently, there can be only one black and orange creeper in the hallway, feline or otherwise.

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