Saturday, October 15, 2011

welcome back!

good gravy it's been a while!

much has occurred since early august. for instance: I have new digs. I am renting out a weathered beach house on the hill owned by Peter Peter Jennings, brother of BABYSEAL. things I am acclimating to: direct sunlight (well, weather permitting), a kitchen with cabinets, floors I wear shoes on, a bed I do not have to climb a steep ladder to get in, and neighbors who love 430am LadyTron. all in all, a pretty sweet deal. even the LadyTron was tolerable/cancelled out by two things: the turning on of my small fan and this dream I had:

I was in a store. department store I think, not a food store. and I was in my underwear. light grey (not heather grey, like dirty tshirt grey. 'cept without the dirty part) boys boxer briefs. and some kind of tshirt. I was with two who were possibly friends: Dude and his GF. I was standing there, not looking at anything 'cept maybe down at my underwear. Dude was at a clothing rack looking at clothes and he looks over at me and says 'Hey, I like your box.' I was slightly embarrassed, not because he was referencing my underpants but because of his unintended double entendre. GF and I were on the same page cuz she looked at me kind of embarrassed, then at Dude, then back at me and said, ''Box' is what men call Boxers,' to try and cover for him. so I looked Dude standing there, oblivious at first but slowly catching on, and said to his face something to the effect of, 'That's cool. 'Box' is what women call their vaginas.'
then I woke up to the bass beats of LadyTron with moon light streaming in my window.

huzzah! stay tuned for more updates/stories/announcements/whatever you call something that is like an opinion but differs in that I am right regardless.

much love.

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