Wednesday, April 13, 2011

. . . but I ain't got wings. . .

Ok, so I haven't left my house yet, nor crossed off any of the items on my to do list. But I have been watching the craziest thing outside my window.
I just posted about the squirrel that was pushed off the roof of my neighbor's house (ok, so it's two and a half-ish stories, not three). I thought it was a squirrel fight, but oh was I mistaken. I'm watching a mom squirrel teach it's kid to take a fall. Those other squirrels where just showing that it is possible.
Momma squirrel is as we speak, dragging baby squirrel up the tree (holding the not so little one by the leg in her mouth) for round two of 'jump off the roof before I push you off.' Yikes, Mom! I mean, I guess if you're gonna learn to take a fall, you gotta fall, but holy crap that's a jump. I suppose that is a lesson learned in 2 maybe 3 tries. Meanwhile, other baby squirrel, presumed sibling of disinclined descender, has been perched on my neighbor's first-ish floor window sill for the past hour or more, scared motionless. You got way far less to jump my little friend, but, man, I feel ya.
So, lesson for today: learning basic life lessons, like falling and trusting you're gonna be ok, sounds a lot like all hell is breaking loose. And in the end, falling from a roof top and walking away a little stunned is way better than starving on a window sill, wide eyed and petrified. Now if I could just get my neighbor to play Tom Petty's 'Learning to Fly. . . '

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