Monday, October 18, 2010

bad ideas one and two.

while I hesitate to fall in step with the age old binary of good/bad right/wrong that we as humans in the north west hemisphere are so want to do, it does make for a strong title. that being said, a more appropriate one would be maybe not such a good idea idea. or, save it for your diary idea. regardless what hole I end up pigeoning these into, I bring them up here, a one sided discourse, for my own getting off my chest sake, and, hopefully, for your reading enjoyment.

so without further ado, here, using the aforementioned confining nomenclature, is number one: I ride my bike. in and of itself, not a bad idea, bear with me now. while riding my bike, I see in detail a lot of things that most motorist register as an off colored blur, if at all. garbage, dead animals (RIP, non human friends!), tossed aside articles of clothing, specifically gloves, tho more so in the winter time, and a veritable banquet of other random things I have not the time nor will to go into at this moment (does that just make you wanna get up and ride your bike or what). while I have thoughts/opinions on all of those things, the only one that I have carried thru in my brain that has ended up in the delete file is this: what if I started a website, no first, what if I collected all of the single gloves I see on the road, then started a website where I posted pictures of each of them and then people, when they find themselves in the situation of having lost just one glove, they can go to the website and see if it, or some unclaimed glove like it, is on there and a magical reunion would happen and the world would be that much more awesome. oh, and I would call the website this: ONE GLOVE. and when you were on the site, that's right, bob marley's one love would be playing on a loop, just the chorus part tho. genius! I gave this idea some serious thought for a while. this was back when the interbot was just tadpoling its way into our lives out of its little ether pond. I mean, it exists to connect people, right? (says the human with no facebook account). and what better manifestation than that of which we seek out so than the prodgical return of one 5 fingered bundle of warmth to its rightful owner? yeah? no? maybe? sigh. fine, I'll drop it. it would take too much upkeep, I suppose. and knowledge on how to make a website. things I'm not kicking down the door to do. but you gotta admit it was kinda clever.

I was gonna go on to bad idea (I'm putting air quotes around that, you just can't see it) numero dos, but dinner is calling my name and I must heed the sirens call leaving you all in. . . utter . . . . suspense. . . . !

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