Friday, May 14, 2010

some may call it a weakness, i may call it get out of my way before someone gets hurt

so i was in the theo chocolate factory the other day (for those who have not been, it rules. they have these alluring displays proffering up FREE samples of all their chocolate to all who enter.) and i totally got busted! the lady behind the counter, in the tender raw moment that existed between me inquiring about the availability of vegan confection samples and me picking out the 2 confections that i was yes, actually going to buy, asked if i lived or worked around there, implying that im in there OFTEN. and more OFTEN than not, i, after making the rounds, sneak out empty handed, half a chocolate bar worth of samples melting in my stomach, beginning to infiltrate its way into my bloodstream.

in my defense, both my acupuncturist and my therapist are within 3 blocks of the joint, im fremont once a week or so anyways, the factory just happens to be on my route. sometimes i need a little pick-me-up/smile in velvety brown bar shaped form. and sometimes i dont feel like eating an entire bar. if i wanted an entire bar, i would buy one. the samples are plenty for me right now, thank you, lady for your keen observance. and for my continued peripheral patronage, you may thank me in broken pieces of candied cacao nibs. no rush, i will just stand here and wait while you restock, you are doing a tremendous job. thank you, now move aside.

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