Wednesday, May 26, 2010

1 peach does not equal 1 seal.

(note the reference to lack of internet access at the time of writing this blog which was sometime last week)
a friend is out of town for 2 weeks and I find myself with access to wheels and internet if I could figure out how to make it work on this computer. along with this, I am at the mercy of one tiny, many clawed calico creature by the name of peaches. to peaches, I quadruple as a scratching post, snack machine, summoner of fun (in the form of a red invinsible dot and a bodyless plumey bird, also invinsible), and letter inner to the house. as I write, she is demanding of my attention. as I write, I must take breaks and -ow! claws to the thigh! - to point the laser.

ok I'm back. red laser dot ate peaches' food, drank her water, got high off her cat nip then disappeared with out so much as a goodbye. hmmm. I feel like, except for the getting high part, that describes me in certain situations with certain people. ah, relationships. . . my ankles are being devoured. her kitten status is simultaneously the source of the problem and her get out of jail free card. I have distracted her with a noisy orange birdmouse. my stocking feet are stinging.

this cat has more energy than all the other cats I've ever lived with. combined. specifically, she has moved more in the last half hour than I ever saw BABYSEAL move in, well, the entirety of me knowing her. oh, my sweet SEAL. ow peaches get off me! where was i? SEAL, BABY: I tried to get peaches to lay on my chest like you do when I lay on my back on the floor to meditate. to no avail. where are you when I need a warm feline body pillow? a giant ball of love that leaves more fur behind than seems physically possible? and biscuits? where are my biscuits? sigh.

my black pants are suspiciously free of dander. my eyes, when I rub them from time to time, do not puff up or itch or redden. to console me in your absence, I have only that one dude in my yoga class who hasnt quite gotten the hang of oo-jai (sp?) breathing so that it sounds less like karmic asthma and exactly like you snoring.

basically, in not so many words, and I know I only moved 8 blocks from you, I miss you.

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