Friday, February 19, 2010

the rendering of defunct

the assignment was to combine two opposing things into one art piece. I understand that hammers are not the polar opposite of nails, in fact, they are more complementary as stand alone objects, but I couldn't quite let it go. the result is what you see here. the reversal of roles on both the hammer and nail's behalf. the decommissioning of a rather functional object (er, my only hammer) to something essentially fragile (the severed nail is seated in thin corrugated cardboard which is elmer's glued on and masked with thin drawing paper). there's a certain David/Goliath feel to it, I was told. for me, it has a stronger unnerving feeling than one of triumph (the hammer and nail were always cohorts of sorts, existing more fully in each other's presence), of something gone not quite right. the transformation of strength to weakness, the transference of weakness on the strong, tempered with the cleverness of disguise.
lemme know what you think.

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