Tuesday, February 16, 2010

new haunts.

so while I was in the midst of teching, prepping, palpitating for my show at OTB last last weekend, I also decided that it would be a good a time as any to move. so I did. 8 blocks SE from old digs.
my new place - studio, efficient, bathroom down the hall - has, as of this feb posting, no direct sunlight, the kitchen is a closet and the giant window I do have faces neighbors who play the radio LOUD during the mostly acceptable hours of ALL DAY.
on the flip side, I have a loft bed, two giant armoire-y closets, which, if I didn't have a loft, I would be tempted to rig the bigger of the two into a MurfyBed, tiny (in comparison) cats down the hall, and neighbors who do not play COUNTRY MUSIC or MUSICALS. either of which would drive me, like a nail into still soft plaster, totally, unflinchingly, batty.
also, borrowing the slight irony found in a certain women's only lounge in Chicago's Hancock building, the view from the bathroom is outstanding.

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