Friday, January 8, 2010

sweet, sweet bike grease.

despite the fact that the results i got by using, in a pinch, two half-second depressions worth of generic canola cooking oil that comes in an aerosol container were not only fast acting, but satisfactory beyond my expectations, I don't particularly recommend repeated usage of said product for soon to be mentioned problem for reasons of undue greasiness, uncordial environmental effects, general unconventionality of action, and the fact that there are better choices out there (read: products made specifically for this problem), unless you are in aforementioned pinch, wrestling with rusty stuck bike lock under 'gonna be late to work i don't have time for this' time constraint while standing in the slight rain outside of ice cream shop on cap hill that is renowned for their creamy (and sorbety) sweet indulgences and homemade waffle cones that don't stick to the waffle maker due to oleicic properties of on the fly lubricant.
thank you, (kind employee of) ms. moon.

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