Thursday, October 1, 2009

things better said and done.

as of this morning i have discovered i like to go for long walks with my headphones on, music turned up louder than usual. i space out, enjoy the mosquito net of invisibility it offers me.
today, mid-space out, i saw a guy stop walking his dog only long enough to hit the beast hard on the back. twice. with some space in between that he filled with some incomprehensible, loud human speak. i was taken a back, half a block back, and started to gain ground on him and him as a taste for green grass halted the pair on the corner and gravity continued to pull me downhill.
i wished for this to happen: i went up to him, still with my headphones on, and with out waiting for him to talk, i said: sometimes i think about how i'm really glad i don't have kids cuz i don't think i have the patience to deal with them and how that probably means i have a lot to learn. and then i wonder about what it takes to raise someone and take care of them and then i'm filled with a sense of uneasy relief that i am the sole person under my care. that's all.
or something to that effect.
what really happened: i stopped at the corner, not 20 feet from where the dog was grazing, where the dude was standing, and just stared, listening to my headphones louder than usual.

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