Wednesday, May 6, 2009

my dream vaycay-job . . . jo-cation?

every once in a while i get hooked by some giveaway sweepstakes winner take all and spend a week in some exotic local promotional offer. most times, just my interest is peaked. sometimes, i go so far as to research the website and read the you can't enter if you are a resident of nevada list of restrictions. and then some of those sometimes, i actually take the time to punch in my info in the squares and hunt for the little check box to make sure i don't get random mail/phone calls/charges all the while being pretty much aware of the futility of my efforts. 
my most recent sweepstakes offer came from my unsuspecting rice milk container. dream it, win it, live it. sound like a hay house retreat. but the smiley white folks in the photos had to be celebrating something good, so i followed the trail.
at the website, empty, starred info boxes stare back at me while i think about the choice i have to make.  choose one of three 'dreams' to 'win' and subsequently 'live.' they are, in the order in which they appear on the website: DREAM WARDROBE, DREAM JOB, DREAM VACATION. ok so narrowing it down to two is no problem, i loath shopping and wear the same clothes all the time, several items of which i have had since high school, 12 or so years ago (...making . .  mental. . . calculations...). no new york buying spree for me, thank you. now on to the final round. dream job? or dream vacation? i like my job. and i get to travel with it on occasion. i like vacations, but i get antsy if i don't have a purpose, ie if i'm not working/work trading. now if i could just merge option B & C, maybe a dream job in a far away city? that would be ideal. of course, then i couldn't take a second person of my choice as you can with dream vaycay. . . decisions, decisions.
maybe i'll eat another bowl of cereal in the meantime. no wait! im out of rice milk! maybe the soy milk with have an offer for lifetime supply of soy milk products. . . now that would be a dream come true. . .

1 comment:

  1. i just entered that contest.
    i want a dream vacation.
    what a dream!