Wednesday, May 13, 2009

BOOK REPORT - Immunity. (the first 43 pages, at least)

i read moby dick. earlier this year. it took me approximately 3 months to do so. but i did it. it is done. and it was worth it. i won't go into the details cuz, well, you are probably familiar with the gist of it. but what i will tell you is that it has inspired me (that and the most recent library book sale) to catch up on my classics/must read reading. like the somewhat arbitrary top 100 novels of all time.  instead of being intimidated, i thought, you know what, im gonna do it, read all 100 novels, be 'caught up,' be that person who knows all those obscure literary references, pretend i majored in american lit. 
but then reason kicked in. 100 books is a lot. and some sound really boring (no offense tolstoy!). and how come marquez is like the only hispanic/latino on the list? and he only shows up on like 5 of the 7 thousand versions of the top 100 list. so i made some modifications on the list. i still wanna read the books. but i also want to read not so caucasian authors. and those other people, what do you call them? women? yeah. so my new goal reads that from this day forth i shall read: books on the 'top 100' list, books by persons of color, books by women, and the occasional science (fiction) book. oh, and the occasional inspirational spirituality book.
and not one of those criteria is reason for me putting down my latest book after only 43 pages. introducing Immunity, by Lori Andrews. i picked it up cuz it was on the list of reads for the Women's Bioethics Book Club. why am i not going to finish this book? several reasons: for one, i have already touched on the topic of mysterious deadly diseases with my new friend Richard Preston (see BOOK REPORT - The Hot Zone). for two, the writing does not capture me. probably because im too distracted by reason three: there is a love story a-brewing between the main character (army research lady) and some DEA agent (passionate mandude with curly hair) and it is irritating.  now, i dont mind the occasional love story. just as long as it doesnt come with a side of 'hard on'. (um, author's words). call me crazy, or bored of ubiquitous hetero narrative, or just plain gay, but i ain't got time for this bad romance novel/terribly infectious virus charade. i got other books to read. next up: Margaret Atwood. right after i finish How to Change Your Life in 5 Steps.

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