Saturday, January 31, 2009

would somebody plz check the barometer, i think it has dropped

more recently, seattle has been blessed with beautiful, crisp, clear days. and by crisp i mean cold. by clear i mean wicked cold. i know it's early feb in the pacific northwest. . .but still. someone hand me my hat, my so cal roots are showing. . .

less recently, i was in houston, where the days were beautiful, crisp, clear. and by crisp i mean humid. and by clear i mean warm. like 70's warm. it was awesome.  tho actually not really cuz most of my time there was spent inside. working. where the interior weather ceaselessly pendulated from too warm to too cold. stopping at happy medium just long enough to get my hopes up only to dash them thru and thru. my coworker would, on a semi daily basis, proclaim the weather report from on high. the temperature fell into one of two categories and was accurately, truthfully reported as such: 'it's cold as balls in here,' or 'it's hot as balls in here.'

now, i am no expert in glandular temperature ranges, specifically those native to the testicular region, but my deductive reasoning skills lead me to believe that this is a little bit of an exaggeration. i am not one to call into doubt facts which i have no first hand knowledge of (i am woman, hear me.) that come from a certifiable source (ok, she is also woman, but her working knowledge of men, particularly those in kilts, far outweighs mine.)(ok, really, that's not that hard a feat.), but this one had me arching my eyebrow in a skeptical, 'oh really?' kinda way.

maybe when my hands thaw i can try to get my half melted computer up and running again and do a little wiki research on the interweb. until then, batman, i'll just hang out with the cats.

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