Monday, January 24, 2011

I am doing something wrong

I, generally speaking, am good at endeavors I engage in. I am a careful observer; my brain's wheels, they turn constantly. When it is my turn, I can deliver with ease. My scores from on line aptitude tests put me in the upper crust percentile of people who take on line aptitude tests amongst other things. All this gum flapping is not intended as a brag, but as a metaphorical slab of color correcting white balance with which other things can be held up to and seen in high contrast, as demonstrated in the above not so metaphorical photos.
These plants at one point were healthy. Lefty came from a healthy clipping off a plant at the yoga studio. Righty, from the conservatory plant sale. It's probs been now a solid 4 or 5 months of demise for these two, who went the way of my other plant, long since gone tho I tried to repot and pretend it was just going thru a seasonal change and not the ultimate change of dying, and whose photograph shall not be shown here for that very reason - there is nothing left to photograph save for dirt and I trust that, tho professional naturalists you perhaps are not, you, readers, know what dirt looks like.
Taking myself out of the equation, a short list of possible reasons for demise exists, which include but are not limited to:
-there is no direct sunlight in my room.
-the sunfilled bathroom where I relocated Righty is, in stark contrast to the rest of the building, icy cold, save for when someone baths and the humidity level and heat jump 1000%.
-they drank too much of what was given to them.
- . . . ok that last one is a stretch. apart from sunlight, it seems these domesticated plant beings are solely dependent on moi. this is unfortunate. for as my life progresses I am coming to the realization that the green on my thumb is just paint. and washes off. sigh.
not all is lost (er, in this case, dead), tho. I have three plants left. one is doing quite well, despite its rough start (2 of the 3 sprouts kicked it within 2 weeks of living with me), and the other, well, how do they put it? has opportunity for growth. I suppose that makes for two of us.
until then, I shall tend to my remaining flora and stick to the low light/moderate temperature plants. until the time where I can get this green paint to stick permanently.

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