Friday, April 30, 2010

'wearing my pen down to the bone.' or 'i'm blaming it on the lighting.'

well, i am happy to report, that after a shy handful of figure drawing sessions, replete with generous guidance from man at the helm, jed d, that i have graduated from level one of the sketchy school of Egon Scheile, where my stick figure blobs have crawled out of the Precambrian crayola muck to grow arms, legs and sometimes even muscle definition to march upon off grey sheets of pen and colored pencil pastures. which is not to say i have fully mastered this thing called PROPORTIONS. quite the contrary. looking at my drawings one would question whether or not the sitters actually had real biological limbs at all, much less proportionate ones. or if i had just returned from the scene of some misfortune involving an elvin dwarf, a 4 story building and free fall. but my improvement is steady nonetheless.
tho, upon reviewing my handiwork from one such recent session, i thought for sure a capless pen had run havoc in my pannier and tagged several of my notebook pages. but no, upon closer inspection, the clumsy scribblings turned out to be my full fledged attempts at sketches of human beings. funny, i don't remember being in the presence of such skeletally improbable naked people. . .

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