Sunday, March 28, 2010

haiku machine

not the greatest excuse as to why have you not been blogging:
i have no access
to the internet at my
sweet new apartment.

last week's creative writing homework:
i was asked to write
some haikus on the topic
of anything gay.

(so here we go)

like attracts like like
a bright satellite bent at
the orbit, yearning.

the iron in my blood:
your hand on my neck
makes me feel like molasses.
lick me off the floor.

locks hold keys, dust hides change:
oh elegant queen,
you glitter like diamonds with
5 o'clock shadows.

driveways to homes i've lived in:
before i went femme,
gravel crunching high heeled shoes,
i was a tomboy.

you steady yourself as you walk past me on the bus:
face pressed against chest
oh my, i can see you slip
you hand in my purse.

the reason:
if yr wondering
why how the awesome haircut
it's because i'm gay.

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