Tuesday, February 24, 2009


whilst visiting the ladies room ('is this the women's room? i just saw a man go in there!' hmph. i heard that. yeah, i've been getting that a bit more these days with my new haircut. but i figure it is either go into the women's restroom and have an awkward moment with strange ladies, or go into the men's room and get called a fag.  either/or, either/or . . . hmmmm, i'll take my chances with the ladies, thank you.) at work today, i couldn't help but observe that my fellow lady on a mission was a fan of the toilet seat covers. fair enough. i too, have made use of those industrially intimate inventions on numerous occasions. but that was a while ago. and this is now. and this is here, the convention center. they clean the bathrooms like 3 times a day here, for crying out loud, this place is hospital with out the sick people sterile. it's a piece of thin grade z paper, not a hermetically sealed barrier of the unseen. the odds of acquiring something nasty from what amounts to a shared plastic ergonomic horseshoe are low. real low. in my opinion, it is a complete waste of paper. and for what? a little bit of mental ease? 

in mexico, you have to put your tp in the waste basket and not the can. for plumbing purposes. it does make you (me) realize just how much you (i) end up using over the course of a week. interesting: seeing personal paper usage quantified, the culture shock of doing it at all, the surprise of having to fight muscle memory to comply. (also, slight tangent: to all toilets in north america, i have beef with you, what with your 5 gallons a flush devil may care attitude. in my opinion, sharing flushes should be publicly mandated. or at least strongly suggested.)

so it is a choice, either phantom derriere maladies or one less see thru thin piece of perforated protection clogging it up in the local waste management facilities.   decisions, decisions. . . 
i think i hear my boss calling me. . .

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